What is the mechanical license?



Mechanical license is an agreement between a user and the copyright owner of the song, which grants permission to release the song in a single audio format (interactive streaming audio, digital download, cds or vinyl).

But when is a mechanical license required?

Whenever you release a recording of a song that someone else has written in a single audio format, even if only a small portion of the song, you need a mechanical license.

Mechanical licenses are required if you plan to cover a song not created by yourself.

What is the music license?

Music licenses are the authorized use of copyrighted music for public performance rights. A license must be obtained from the songwriter or publisher each time a recording of the composition is played as part of a broadcast.

The owner of a copyrighted work has the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, display and adapt the copyrighted work. This includes the right to authorize or refuse to authorize others to exercise these rights.

This means that for most music included in traditional broadcast programming, you need to obtain a license and pay the license fees. For different uses, different types of licenses will be required. Also, depending on the type of use, a license from the music publisher, the label, or both may be required.

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