About Us

Record Label & Promotion Network

Semantic Sounds is a italian indipendent label & promotion music network founded to promote the artists, their image and their music.
We are constantly focused on research high quality music that has an important meaning and can convey strong emotions.
Our goal is to help artists leave their mark on the music industry.

Over the years we have created a large network of channels and we are specialized in promotions on SoundCloud & Spotify.
Through our promotion services we guarantee effective results, real ratings, likes, comments and reshares across all our channels and our playlists followed by thousands of people around the world.

We are also an media press agency and for this we keep all music lovers constantly updated on music news and tips about the music industry

In our store online you will be able to buy a series of products and accessories that will arrive quickly in the comfort of your home. Our products are characterized by attractive, simple, various designs, prints and fabrics of excellent quality. All very comfortable to use to carry out every daily activity.