Frequently Asked Questions

Transparency and clarity are important for us to help artists and labels in a concrete way.

If after reading the FAQ you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is Semantic?

Semantic is a music promotion network and marketing agency founded to promote artists, their image and their music around the world.
In addition it is also an independent record label looking for new emerging talents to help them make their mark.

What are your services?

We offer music promotion services which include: repost on SoundCloud, Spotify playlist placement, ad campaigns for YouTube views, Tik Tok influencer campaigns, real and organic growth of followers on SoundCloud and Spotify through our download gate Followeb.de.
In addition we also offer graphic design services such as track cover, cd packaging, playlist cover, artist logo and Spotify canvas.

What musical genres are accepted for promotions?

For promotion services we accept all music genres except classical and opera music.

How does the SoundCloud repost service work?

It consists of receiving organic and real repost on the track on SoundCloud with the channels of our network and our partners from all over the world targeted with the genre of the track.

How does the Spotify playlist placement service work?

It consists of receiving the inclusion of your track in our Spotify playlists network and in those of our partners around the world targeted with the genre of the track.

How does the YouTube promotion service work?

It consists in the creation of a video ads campaign for about 5/7 days targeted with the genre of the track.

How does the Tik Tok promotion service work?

It consists of creating video posts with your music on TikTok by international influencers with more than 1,000,000 followers in total.

Are real the supports, plays, streams and views?

Yes, absolutely, we don’t use bots or automated systems.
We only promote music in genuine ways, through organic repost, playlist placement in target campaigns and also through ad campaigns curated by our team.

48 hours have passed and the promotion has not started yet. What I do?

If you have noticed that still no promotion for your track has not started contact us through the “Contact” section of the site.

How do follower growth services work?

It consists of inserting the SoundCloud channel or Spotify profile / playlist in our download gate Followeb.de and every time someone downloads our tracks for free, they will also follow the other channels in the gate. This guarantees real, organic and stable growth. We don’t use bots or automations, only genuine systems.

Send the request for the followers growth through this page, then we will add you on the waiting list and as soon as a slot is available in the gate we will contact you immediately.

How do graphic design services work?

Before purchasing the graphic design services, download and fill in the brief that you find on this page, after completing it, proceed with the purchase of the chosen graphic design service, after adding the service to the cart, enter the brief you have filled in in the space provided before proceeding with checkout.

After receiving your order, our designers will send you the completed work via email after a few days via a dropbox link.

Where do I insert the coupons?

Discount coupons can be entered on the shopping cart page before completing the order.

Is it possible to have a refund?

If after purchasing our services you have not received the results we promised you or you are not satisfied with the chosen service, you can request a refund by contacting us through the “Contact” section on the site.

If the services have been completed and the promotion was successful, we will not issue a refund.

The refund is also not valid for our ebooks, guides, tools and promotion kits.

What is Semantic Premium?

Semantic Premium is a platform for independent artists, DJs, producers and musicians with exclusive resources and content to produce and promote music like professionals.

Who is Semantic Premium for?

The platform is suitable for artists, DJs, producers and musicians who want to learn more about the music business, learn how to promote themselves and grow their community of fans.

Is Semantic Premium a monthly or annual subscription?

It is not a monthly or annual subscription, you pay only once and you will have direct access to the platform.

What to do if I lose my Semantic Premium platform login credentials?

If you lose your access credentials to the platform, contact us here, indicating your email and your order number when you purchased the Semantic Premium platform.

What is the best way to contact you?

Contact us through the “Contact” section of the site.

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