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I have been using the services offered by Semantic Sounds for a year now and I must say that they have always been punctual and super efficient! Professionals in the sector guarantee concrete results that are even better than expected.
I advise everyone to contact Semantic Sounds

Vittorio Ferrigno 


I did promote some of my tracks to have a little more visibility and the result was amazing. Semantic Sounds not only promotes your music but allows it to be heard and reshared also by other networks of contacts such as important music YouTube channels, vloggers, blogs thanks to their promotion and networks of contacts. Thanks to Semantic Sounds today I have my network of direct contacts to increase the share of my music!



Just wanted to say thank you for all your support promoting my tracks to the world. Like I would suggest to anyone. I’m always pleased with their service. The feedback from their partners and the quick turnover time after submission is appreciated. Very professional, so therefore I always add Semantic Sounds to my track promotions. 




Thanks to the constant work of our team in a few years we have achieved excellent results

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Roxy Studio Records è lieta di presentare la sua ultima pubblicazione: “Giovedì” di ALBERTO, disponibile per l’acquisto e lo streaming dal 29/10/2020. Arrangiato con la collaborazione di Fabio Castorino (Roxy[…]

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Salvo Fumoso presenta il nuovo album “Insieme Noi”

Arriva in rete il nuovo album indie pop “Insieme Noi” del cantautore palermitano Salvo Fumoso pubblicato dall’etichetta Semantic Sounds. Dopo la pubblicazione del primo singolo “Guardami” nel 2017, Salvo Fumoso[…]

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