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Promote your music with a video

A very effective strategy to promote music is certainly to make a documentary, a documentary film, a feature film, telling a video how your album was born will help you promote your music.Your goal is to make you appreciate more and more from your fans who often don’t even imagine what’s behind a music production.Think…
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Advantages of being an independent artist

If you are an indipendent artist 1) You have the possibility to controll all your musical rights and royaltiesYou know exactly how much you earn without having to wait for the labels reports. 2) You have fewer percentages to share with brokersYou will have multiple profit margins on all your musical rights 3) You have…
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The 4 reasons why you are not growing as an artist:

1) SPAM your music on the webAfter releasing a new track, many artists think it is enough to send it to a messy list of email contacts and their music will magically be heard.But unfortunately this is not the case … Every artist, especially the independent ones, needs to organize their music promotion strategies in…
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