We present the versatile artist Bernie aka Birdbadas



Indie Artist, Producer, Vocalist, Rapper, Poet, Breakdancer, Grafitti Painter

We are talking about the multifaceted artist Bernie aka Birdbadas, here we have collected a short interview for you:

“Born in 1982, It was first at my 21st birthday, i decided to buy a Roland MC 909 and start 2 produce Music.
My family gave my instruments from a Young age.
Been jamming and playing with some local underground bands “.

“Started on 2002 to play Electronica Indie Pop Dance. Since it been a rollercoaster ride, ups and downs. This is What quality dope, sounds like. Born in On Virgo male, hetero ‘maybe it Sound A-tomic.
But Generation X. I was part of multiply club ravers, in the 90″.

Here is a short presentation of this eclectic artist, you can follow Bernie aka Birdbadas on his social networks:


Also take a look at his artworks:

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