The 4 reasons why you are not growing as an artist:



1) SPAM your music on the web
After releasing a new track, many artists think it is enough to send it to a messy list of email contacts and their music will magically be heard.
But unfortunately this is not the case … Every artist, especially the independent ones, needs to organize their music promotion strategies in advance.
To launch a new piece of music you must use a publication calendar and respect the various launch phases.
If you implement a correct marketing strategy you will have more chances that your music can be listened to and potentially appreciated and shared.
So you don’t have to spam music on the web, but send it in an orderly way to the right contacts, who might be really interested in your genre.

2) You are rushing your releases too much
Have patience and don’t be in a hurry, a track of excellent quality published a few months later will certainly be easier to promote than a track finished quickly, without having taken care of the smallest details. Attention we are not saying that it takes one or two years to publish a song, but publish it only when you really consider it a quality product.

3) You are not consistent
Often one of the first ‘unconscious’ mistakes is to try in every way to enter a musical trend by chasing the fashions of the moment at all costs.
It’s okay to be clear on the national and international scene, but the public is much more open than you think.
They are more predisposed to listen to a one-of-a-kind artist, pure, natural even if with a different style.
You must be yourself, without being ashamed to admit your weaknesses or uncertainties; the important thing is to be natural.

4) You didn’t build a strong BRAND
If you intend to carry on your artistic activity, you will have to take care of your image and create a brand around your image.
The artist is like a company that has to sell its products.
An artist must commit to building around himself an authority, an element that is recognizable for fans who will be potential customers in the future.
So dedicate yourself to your image and develop your own unique brand to sell yourself and your art.

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