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Listen to the new music by the producer Rezzo

In this article we present you the producer and artist Rezzo, if you like EDM music, listen to Rezzo on Spotify, SoundCloud and in all the major music platforms. Artist BIO “My name is Zack producer and artist I go by rezzo music. I focus on making edm music I do enjoy other genres but…
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Darren Reinholz present the new album “All The World Is A Tomb”

The new album “All The World Is A Tomb” by the artist Darren Reinholz arrives online (Releases September 6, 2022). Darren has collected eight of these songs from his archive (written from as early as 1992 through 2008), it includes 9 new songs, from Visionary Rock and Blues Rock and Psychedelic Rock. The song “Highlighted”…
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