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Level Up Your Music Career!

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Produchertz.com !! “To this day, making music is no longer enough to be an artist!” This is the strong statement behind the idea of the launch of PRODUCHERTZ.COM, a portal dedicated to the wide-ranging promotion of music industry knowledge, supporting the growth of upcoming artists and…
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How to make money like a rockstar in the holiday season

Want to know how to make money like a rock star this holiday season? ? Who is ready for the biggest season of the year for independent artists and musicians? No, I’m not talking about the holidays ? Here’s what I mean: November and December are the most important months to maximize revenue as an…
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Listen to the new music by the producer Rezzo

In this article we present you the producer and artist Rezzo, if you like EDM music, listen to Rezzo on Spotify, SoundCloud and in all the major music platforms. Artist BIO “My name is Zack producer and artist I go by rezzo music. I focus on making edm music I do enjoy other genres but…
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Darren Reinholz present the new album “All The World Is A Tomb”

The new album “All The World Is A Tomb” by the artist Darren Reinholz arrives online (Releases September 6, 2022). Darren has collected eight of these songs from his archive (written from as early as 1992 through 2008), it includes 9 new songs, from Visionary Rock and Blues Rock and Psychedelic Rock. The song “Highlighted”…
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What indipendent artist can do in 2021

Today we want to give you some simple tips to start the new year in the best way and continue working as artists in this turbulent time. We recommend that you first review your royalty streams eupdate registrations. You could also create an internet crowdfounding campaign to later launch a new project. You could also…
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