Strategies for growing on Instagram



Here are some strategies for growing on Instagram:

1) Upload 4/5 content at a very short distance in order to calculate the complation rate (completion rate, i.e. the number of people in percentage who watch the stories from start to finish) this makes you understand how interested they are or not your stories.
2) Create interesting content
3) Post more videos than photos
4) Connect the IG stories to each other, make short videos that introduce the next video, a kind of soap opera with small episodes that encourage you to see the next one.
5) Promote stories by writing to wade through the content you have posted on your Instagram profile.
6) Collaborate with other users to exchange followers and views.
7) Do the take over, that is, the exchange of stories, another user can send you his story and you upload it among your stories by entering the username of the person who created the story.
8) Watch other IG stories.
9) Promote your paid profile with Facebook / Instagram ads
10) Make challenges or answer questions with fixed appointments.
11) Live on Instagram
12) Put a call to action with a link to click in your biography

We hope that these tips can be useful for launching your artistic career in the musical world!

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