Music + Crypto: The Revolution



Today the world runs fast, there are more and more changes, innovations and revolutions. New technological breakthroughs are looming over our lives and our businesses.

The world of music is also changing and every independent artist has the duty to update themselves to keep up with the times.

The latest technological innovation that is also impacting the world of art and in particular the music sector are precisely the so-called NFT (non-fungible token).

A few weeks ago Logan Paul made more than $ 5 million selling his NFTs, even in the NBA world they are selling NFTs in the form of shots for around $ 250,000.

Some of the most influential investors and entrepreneurs are investing in the NFT market.

So what exactly are NFTs?

For NFT we mean non-fungible tokens, non-fungible assets are unrepeatable and one-of-a-kind assets such as houses, land plots or artistic works such as musical products.

So NFTs are non-fungible assets that exist in the form of tokens and travel within a Blockchain, a sort of digital version of anything that can be thought or created digitally: images, video clips, apps, music, programs, videos. games etc …

All these things are unique in their kind and are connected to a token and an address that verifies their authenticity, this is because all their history is saved within the blockchain that allows you to verify the actual authenticity and the owner of those assets.

It is as if instead of exchanging a coin, one exchanges a painting.

Right now the values ​​are growing exponentially and will most likely soon become a mainstream topic with the art and music market in full explosion.

The total crypto art sold in 2020 amounted to 12 million dollars, now in 2021 we have exceeded 20 million dollars.
An astonishing case was that of the artist Grimes who sold 10 of his pieces with the NFTs, raising about 6 million dollars.

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But all the records are breaking right now, right now, this is a new artistic revolution!

The most famous art galleries for NFTs, where these works are exchanged are:

Nifty Gateway:

But to be able to sell internally, you must be an artist approved by them because they want to maintain the high quality and exclusivity of their works sold internally.

But there are also sites like:

Where we can create, trade and sell our NFTs without having to be approved by someone else first.

Obviously, however, the market for our works will be totally different, in fact there are already millions of NFTs but few have really value or are sold for a lot of money.

Virtual worlds are also developing simultaneously in which it is possible to exhibit our NFT collections and create our sort of gallery.

The most famous are:

It is a vast and unexplored world so it is worth investigating!

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So artists, musicians, music producers and singers can create the NFT of the cover of a piece of music, a fragment of the video clip.

You can create digital products that become unique with the NFT blockchain technology and then sell them to collectors or fans.

In the sites mentioned above there is the possibility of auctioning NFTs and potentially selling them.

With this new technology it is therefore possible to give one’s own non-replicable identification to certify works of art, entire albums or music.

Who knows maybe we too as a label will very soon use this technology to publish our works in an exclusive way.

We hope that these tips can be useful for launching your artistic career!

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