KÖNI: “real ռǟʀʀǟȶօʀ օʄ ʍɛʟօɖɨɛֆ”



Eclectic, particular and ingenious are the 3 adjectives that characterize KÖNI.

..real name Besford. Born in Albania
Apart his name, little is known about this artist.
The insiders only say,
” he is a real ռǟʀʀǟȶօʀ օʄ ʍɛʟօɖɨɛֆ “

We are proud to present his new downtempo track called “Connyland” released from our label Semantic Sounds.

This is the second release of his ambitious new project. Stay tuned for lots of other special tracks…

Listen to it on SoundCloud, Spotify and on all music platforms and grab your copy!

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