How to make money like a rockstar in the holiday season



Want to know how to make money like a rock star this holiday season? ?

Who is ready for the biggest season of the year for independent artists and musicians?

No, I’m not talking about the holidays ?

Here’s what I mean:

November and December are the most important months to maximize revenue as an artist …

Yes, I’m talking about money ?

And no, not just those from Spotify royalties … but from fans!

Between Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas, consumers and fans will be more likely to spend …

And all we have to do is offer our merch fans, branded items, personalized with attractive logos and designs or discounts on our upcoming live events, discounts on your music lessons and anything else you can think of ?

This is a great way to make money (beyond music) and also to connect with your fans in a deeper way…

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never sold your merchandise or other branded items yet, here are my tips and tricks to start selling your merch in time for the holiday season:

What to sell:

Not sure what to sell? No problem…

Go to, type your music genre in the search box and add the word “t-shirt”,

You will immediately receive a large selection of T-shirts sold to fans of your musical genre.

Check out the charts to find the best performances and use them as inspiration for your merchandising.

Tip: Merchandising MUST NOT have your logo on it. It just has to represent the lifestyle of passionate fans of your own musical genre and it has to emotionally and visually engage the target audience with your musical genre.

I’ll show you a concrete example:

In our store we have put on sale a specific type of Merch for house music lovers with a simple inscription:

“Let’s make the groove our house”

You can take a cue and create a type of Merch with writings and images that can emotionally and visually affect your fans who love the music genre you do too ?

Where to sell:

When it comes to selling merchandising, I personally use spreadshirt, a print on demand platform that I linked directly to the website.

Another valid alternative is to create your online e-commerce and for the production and shipping of merch on demand.

It is a very simple configuration, in the case of spreashirt I made the integration by copying the html code and inserting it on a page of my WordPress site

Instead Printful automatically integrates with Shopify

This means that when using printful or spreadshirt I never have to prepay or store boxes of shirts at home.

When a fan buys on my Spreadhirt or Printful page they automatically create and ship the t-shirt … easy isn’t it?

How to sell:

To buy your merchandise, fans need to know it’s there and where to find it … and to do that, the best thing is to create email marketing campaigns! ?

Then capture fan email addresses with Download Gate, Link Gate, Pre-Save or Smart Link you create via or Hyppedit platforms

And then automatically send them to your email marketing software (I use and recommend Mailchimp)

Remember that NO mailing list is too small!

You can start selling merchandise even if you only have a handful of fans on your list … that’s because it’s 2022 and it’s all print-on-demand (… this means it doesn’t cost you anything upfront) ?

When to sell:

Any time in November and December is great …

Fans could purchase your merchandise for themselves or as a gift for friends.

But nothing beats DISCOUNTS + DEADLINES!

Black Friday … Cyber ​​Monday … Special Holiday Deals … it’s all about discounts and deadlines.

So a great way to sell some merchandise is to just hop on the same train …

On Black Friday, email your fans to let them know that all or part of your merchandise is now X% off … connect them to your store.

Follow the reminders on the weekend …

And then send another email on Monday to let them know that your X% discount deal expires at the end of Cyber ​​Monday.

You can do it all again in December, just with different days …

For example, you can remind fans that orders must be placed by the deadline to arrive before Christmas.

Use this action plan to get the most out of your merchandise this year!

It’s a great way to make money, fund your promotional budget, and also connect with your fans on a deeper level.

PS – If you want to buy our merchandising, take a look at our store on the site

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We work with a small group of artists to help them implement growth strategies like this for their music and to sell their merchandise ?

We hope that these precious informations can be useful for launching your artistic career in music!

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