How the music business works



Before dwelling on the practical techniques to create the fanbase, promote the songs and monetize with your music, it is essential to understand why you need to do all this.

Above all, it is important to create a strategic action plan that allows you to understand what activities you need to do to launch your career and be able to live as a musician or artist.

Artists must understand that to carry out the profession of musician / artist it is necessary to have constant, diversified and as stable income as possible.

It will seem trivial but it is so.

It is necessary to have earnings to finance all the work and to obtain the right monetary reward.

The career as a professional artist must be treated as a real business, in which the brand of the company is the artist’s name and around this an ecosystem of products and services must be created (including for example records, singles, merchandise, live performances, exhibitions, sponsorships, collaborations etc …) to be sold to customers / fans.

In most cases, artists do not like to deal with numbers, economics and business very much but in 2021 and in the coming years, artists will no longer be able to ignore these fundamental aspects.

Author Jeff Goins has also written a book dealing with strategies to apply in the new creative era called “True Artists Don’t Starve”.

To be “true artists” and live on music, you need to fully understand the dynamics of the music business.

As with all other sectors, the music business obviously also involves the sale of products / services which therefore involves a monetary exchange.

Even a single artist in his own small way must be considered as a company that must sell its products to a genuinely interested target audience.

Today we are in the age of streaming, you need to have a lot of plays to monetize your music only from online music platforms, so to work in this sector you need to sell something to your audience.

The Italian singer Jovanotti has recently announced on social media that he is recording his new album in the studio.

Despite the great success and media exposure obtained with his previous “Jova Beach Party” tour, Jovanotti returned to the studio to work to produce new music.

This is because there is someone who wants what he is producing, like any other company, in this case there are Jovanotti’s fans who are always waiting for new music.

There is an entire industry that moves around him, he will certainly have his major and the booking agency that organizes the concerts.

They are all at work because there is a market to be satisfied, that is, Jovanotti’s fans.

Jovanotti’s market did not exist before, it was created with his success.

This is precisely the problem with music, at first you find yourself selling a product that nobody wants.

There is no audience until you are known.

In his case, Jovanotti became famous in the period when there were talent scouts who discovered talent out of thin air and then created a market that wanted that artist’s music.

This was what was done up to about twenty years ago, there was time and calmly they were looking for talented artists.

Over the years the music business has grown and today the music market is overcrowded with artists, so now record companies no longer have the time to look for someone who creates their audience out of nothing.

Now maybe the record companies think a little differently.

The majors know that there is a specific target market and are looking for some artist similar to some other already famous artist who already has an audience with certain tastes.

Here also talent shows come into play, which do not lead to success a talent that creates its market, but rather lead to success types of artists with specific songs designed for a market that already exists.

In this way the risks decrease and the majors increasingly try to play it safe, finding artists similar to those already established who have an audience and a reference market.

Before, a market for a talented artist could be created from scratch.

Now, however, talent has taken a back seat because there are markets to be satisfied with similar products because we are in the age of speed and streaming.

Having ascertained this, artists must choose whether to satisfy the need for an existing market or create their own market from scratch.

By market we mean that every artist should have an audience, and above all to start you have to build your own solid fanbase.

If you are an artist starting from scratch or emerging, right now, only you can build your audience.

You cannot wait for someone to discover you out of nowhere and invest their time and energy.

Only you artists can mature independently by giving you the time you need and you can do it immediately starting for example from social networks, from SoundCloud, with digital distributors or doing live events.

To start an artistic career and make a living from music you must initially build your audience yourself.

This is certainly the most solid, concrete and lasting way rather than copying or trying to do something similar to what already exists.

If you create your audience yourself, you will probably get noticed by the majors too, because in this way you show you already have a market, even if it is small, the insiders know that it is solid and can grow.

The big labels know this and have the means to be able to expand an existing audience.

Creating your own audience is certainly the long way to go, but having your own audience would make you more attractive to record labels and have more stability.

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Remember that with the same talent, record companies will always choose who is active, who has toured, who has already released records and who already has their followers.

I hope that these precious informations can be useful for launching your artistic career in the musical world!

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