“Going Down” by OverSky is OUT NOW



“Going Down” is the latest single from OverSky, the Italian duo formed by the two DJs and producers Federico Fenu and Tomas Borghese.

The duo of producers decided to release this new EDM dance style energetic single from the Semantic Sounds label. They also revealed to us that theirs is a big, very ambitious project and with their music they decided they wanted to leave their mark.


OverSky bio:

OverSky is an Italian duo that just started their Dj producing career in 2020. Federico and Tomas have been friends for years and they started mixing music for fun at friends birthday parties at the age of 12. Thier passion for getting everyone on the dance floor turned into creating their own music.

In 2020, we have watched them turn out four incredibile songs and even change their genre all in just 8 months. They began their music making career delving in future house to finish with their last song of the year jumping straight into bounce. It’s for sure these two have alot to offer to people all over the world who love music and as we have seen in 2020… it’s going to be an explosive 2021.

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