Creative tips on music marketing



Thanks to all the potential there is today, artists are always looking for new creative ways to promote themselves online and to try out new music marketing strategies.
Today in this article we want to give you a series of creative tips to promote your music and harness the power of marketing.

At this time when you are staying at home for longer due to the pandemic and the lockdown, instead of organizing a classic official video, you could engage your fans online to create the music video for the next song you will release.

How to do it in a practical way?

Here are some practical tips on how to do it:

1) Your fans sing a part of the lyrics of your new song and in the meantime they record even with a simple smartphone.
2) Get all the videos sent to have a complete collection of your fans singing your song.
3) Edit a video together with your fans and encourage them to share it on their social platforms.

So in this way you can forge the bond with your fans, take advantage of their hearing to promote your music at no cost and find new fans by increasing the followers around your musical project.

We hope that these tips can be useful for launching your artistic career in the musical world!

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