How to get more plays on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the most important music platforms, every artist should publish his music and promote it on this platform to reach new fans and listeners from all over the world!We immediately recognized the potential of SoundCloud and we are proud to have created our network and to have reached more than 1,000,000 followers…
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Achint Maniar (#BBC) released his new romantic single from Semantic Sounds

Music producer of Indian descent, Achint Maniar, is proud to release a hit romantic single created specifically to propose to his lover which is available for streaming and downloading on iTunes, Spotify, and all major music platforms.  The groundbreaking single is a hip, upbeat track that romantically captures the heart. Recently, the Italian record label…
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Use follow-to-download gates to grow your fanbase

One of the most important strategies to increase the followers that we have used in these years is precisely the publication of many tracks for free download. So in this way, every time someone downloads our songs for free, they will automatically follow our channels, for example on SoundCloud, Spotify or on all social media.…
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How to produce high quality music

This article is an extract from the first chapter of our MUSIC BUSINESS RESOURCES E-BOOK which you can find in a complete file in our MUSIC PROMOTION KIT. Today we decided to share a very important piece of advice for all artists working in the music sector.Even before focusing on the promotion of a piece…
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Ways to invest in yourself as an artist

In order to grow and achieve new goals, you inevitably need to invest.But not just investing money to promote music or your own image.You need to invest above all in your knowledge and also in everything that revolves around your artistic activity and your brand. So now we list a number of smart ways to…
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Strategies for growing on Instagram

Here are some strategies for growing on Instagram: 1) Upload 4/5 content at a very short distance in order to calculate the complation rate (completion rate, i.e. the number of people in percentage who watch the stories from start to finish) this makes you understand how interested they are or not your stories.2) Create interesting…
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How to promote your music online using influencers

Instagram is the leading social media for influencers.In this social there are various types of Influecers: Make Up influencers Fitness Influencers Design Influencersand many more…All these people have an huge quantity of followers and these people can help musicians to reach more followers and listeners.These peoples built have a good engagement with their followers and…
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How to create a viral post

Now to become a viral post for example on Facebook you need to sponsor it for by payment.But before sponsoring something we have to see the results that a post has, so we have to invest the money only on the best posts.To create a viral post you have to create empathy, write effect sentences,…
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13 marketing strategies for musicians

If you are an artist / musician and want to develop a good marketing strategy, take a cue from these 13 points: 1) Know the brand2) Use the newsletter3) Create a website4) Use social media5) Study the streaming platforms6) Harness the power of YouTube7) Concerts8) Excellent reviews9) Create the merchandise10) Take part in the contests11)…
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How to develop a solid artist mindset

We know very well that the artist / music activity at certain times can be frustrating when excellent results or set goals are not achieved.But all artists who aspire to achieve great goals need to work on their mentality in order not to break down and react in moments of despair and difficulty.Success does not…
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Things to have in your Press Kit

An electronic press kit, or EPK, is essentially a résumé for your band. It should include your up-to-date bio, music, photos, videos, tour dates, press coverage, links, and contact information. This is a great resource to have on hand as you book shows, shop demos, or even when you just want to connect with others…
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Promote your music with a video

A very effective strategy to promote music is certainly to make a documentary, a documentary film, a feature film, telling a video how your album was born will help you promote your music.Your goal is to make you appreciate more and more from your fans who often don’t even imagine what’s behind a music production.Think…
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Advantages of being an independent artist

If you are an indipendent artist 1) You have the possibility to controll all your musical rights and royaltiesYou know exactly how much you earn without having to wait for the labels reports. 2) You have fewer percentages to share with brokersYou will have multiple profit margins on all your musical rights 3) You have…
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The 4 reasons why you are not growing as an artist:

1) SPAM your music on the webAfter releasing a new track, many artists think it is enough to send it to a messy list of email contacts and their music will magically be heard.But unfortunately this is not the case … Every artist, especially the independent ones, needs to organize their music promotion strategies in…
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SPOJUS & Torrex present the new summer single “All I Wanna Do”

The new summer single “All I Wanna Do” by the djs / producers SPOJUS & Torrex arrives online. After the great success achieved with the song “Please Don’t Stop” of the MOST WANTED project (with Adam Clay and Besford) published by Time Records, Torrex returns with a new song for the summer. This song was…
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Only positive vibes ??

When the desire for summer begins to make itself felt, we are ready to give you positive vibes to start heating your hearts ? We publish new dance, house, deep and chill music on our YouTube channel every week Listen our latest upload here: Leave us a comment on what you think and feel free…
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Like Famous Girls!

The new single Tech House by the Italian dj and producer J Press has just been released. Available on Spotify, SoundCloud, Beatport and on all digital stores. Listen to this crazy track and grab your copy:

New Funky Disco House Mix by Torrex

During these days we are trying to entertain all our fans and followers to the rhythm of good music to spread joy in all the houses of the world.In our small way with music we want to try to cheer up the hearts during these difficult days. We uploaded on YouTube a 30 minute mix…
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COVID-19 can’t stop us! Stay at home and turn up the music

We know perfectly well that these are difficult days for everyone due to the COVID-19 epidemic so we hope you are well and that you are in your home taking care of you. In the meantime, to cheer these difficult days and to entertain everyone in our homes, our super team are launching our new…
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Primo singolo dei MOST WANTED

Arriva “Please Don’t Stop” su Time Records, il primo singolo dei MOST WANTED, in tutte le radio da venerdì 17 Gennaio 2020!

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