What indipendent artist can do in 2021



Today we want to give you some simple tips to start the new year in the best way and continue working as artists in this turbulent time.

  • We recommend that you first review your royalty streams e
    update registrations.
  • You could also create an internet crowdfounding campaign to later launch a new project.
  • You could also create a marketing campaign and sell your merch online using print on demand sites.
    All the money you earn with these simple activities you will have to save.

Saving means eliminating all non-essential expenses, such as unnecessary registration, accessories and clothing that are too expensive, eating out too often, giving up whims and anything that can be useless.

But saving isn’t just about storing money in a box in your room and leaving it there for years and years to rot.

If you are an artist who is serious, and you have a dream you want to achieve, set yourself goals and save money to invest them to achieve all the goals you have set for yourself.

This means saving for an intelligent purpose.

There is no point in saving money if you don’t use it for something useful.

So maybe if you save a good amount of money you could then invest it to learn some skills for which you usually pay, such as design, mixing, mastering, new communication strategies and music promotion on the web and then become self sufficient.
Or you could save to create a high quality home studio to improve the quality of your productions.
Or you could still invest in your personal growth, well-being or music promotion through professional services like those we offer on Spotify and SoundCloud.

You can submit your music for promotion here: https://www.semanticsounds.com/promotion/

We also recommend that you create your own emergency fund to save your money.

In addition to this, we also advise you:

  • to protect yourself from a legal point of view
  • start treating your artistic career as a business.
  • Take advantage of technology to connect with industry professionals, forge new partnerships and ask for advice on topics where you are confused or have no clear ideas.
  • We also recommend that you use this period to promote your music in a creative way for example with fitness influencers, or with Youtubers or with playlist curators as we explain in our complete Music Promotion Kit, in which you can also find thousands of direct contacts to be contacted by just copy and paste.

And finally, we also recommend that you try to send your track to Spotify editorial playlists as we explain in our “Spotify Growth Tips” guide that you can always find inside our super KIT.

We have tried to condense all the best tips into one article, in the simplest way possible.

We hope that these tips can be useful for launching your artistic career in the musical world!

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