What an artist should do and what not to do



In this short article we want to give some simple advice to all the artists, musicians, singers and producers who are growing up right now.

These things can really make all the difference in understanding how not to waste unnecessary time and how to use your energy in the actions that are truly useful for your artistic career.

Here are some tips you could put into practice right away:

What not to do:

  • Don’t pretend until you do it
  • Be lazy and don’t adapt your sound
  • Being ignorant and not being open to change
  • Don’t invest in your music
  • Don’t spend time promoting your music and your artistic image
  • Ignore the music business
  • Expect results with a little work ethic

What to do:

  • Study the music business well and the management of time and money
  • Perfect your craft and learn new skills
  • Plan your time
  • Create an effective promotion routine by leveraging social media and contacts
  • Always be positive and keep your mind trained
  • Network and meet new potential collaborators to take it to the next level
  • Invest in your skills and your music

We hope that these precious informations can be useful for launching your artistic career in music!

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