PRIORITY (Increase Delivery Speed of Promos)


PRIORITY (Increase Delivery Speed of Promos)




Every week we always have new tracks from many artists to promote and the delivery times of promotions change according to the type of service chosen and other promotions in the queue.

Thanks to the “PRIORITY” service now you have the possibility to increase the delivery speed of the promotion of your track.

ATTENTION !! This service is valid only for those who have already purchased a SoundCloud repost service, Spotify playlist placement or YouTube promotion (it isn’t valid for all other graphic design or followers growth services).

The service consists of:

  • Add your track to our “PRIORITY” list.
  • Priority of your track over the others to promote.
  • Increase delivery speed of promo: from a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 7 days (depending on the service chosen).
  • Improved statistics in a short time.

IMPORTANT! During the checkout remember to enter the track link that you want to promote.

Reach the moon in a short time with your music!

We will finish the work as soon as possible.


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