Afro House Drums

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Whether you’re creating Afro House, tribal beats, or incorporating Afro elements into other genres, this sample pack has everything you need to create compelling and professional-quality music.

Crafted by professional producers with tracks released on top record labels worldwide, this pack is designed to elevate your afro productions with authentic and dynamic drum sounds. 

Why Choose the Afro Drums Sample Pack?

✔️ 100% Royalty-Free Samples: They’re completely royalty-free, ensuring you can use them freely in all your projects.

✔️ Royalty-Free License Included: A comprehensive royalty-free license is included, giving you full control and flexibility over your music.

✔️ One-Time Payment – No Subscription: Pay once and enjoy lifetime access to these premium samples. No recurring fees or hidden costs.

✔️ Instant Download After Purchase: Get immediate access to your samples right after purchase. 

What You Will Find Inside:


  • +18 Hat Loops: Add crisp, rhythmic layers to your beats with these essential hat loops.
  • +18 Percussion Loops: Infuse your tracks with dynamic and intricate percussion rhythms.
  • +16 Shaker Loops: Enhance your grooves with natural, flowing shaker loops.
  • +15 Tom Loops: Deep, resonant tom loops to add depth and body to your percussion sections.
  • +17 Top Loops: High-energy top loops designed to drive your tracks forward and keep the energy high.

Drums One-Shots:

  • +117 Drum One-Shots: A versatile selection of claps, closed hats, kicks, open hats, percussions, shakers, snares, and toms, perfect for creating your own unique drum patterns and sequences.


This Afro Drums Sample Pack is your essential toolkit for crafting high-energy Afro House tracks.

Don’t miss the chance to infuse your music with the rhythms and textures of Afro House.

Download your copy today and leave your mark!

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