Besford is back with “Putcha Mask On”



It is very difficult to try to describe BESFORD and his artistic creations in a few lines, he isn’t a real musician, muchless a real composer or producer.

BESFORD is an esthete and aperfectionist who tries to convergeartistic synergies from different worldsand cultures, making it a true artisticwork.

His latest single “PUTCHA MASK ON” is an example of this.


With a pinch of inspiration, imagination, irony and a lot of Dance Music, his intent is to play down the current pandemic situation by addressing the theme with nice lightness and boldness.

After reaching 10 million plays and thousands of shares on Tik Tok thanks to his previous hit “Ci 6 o Ci Fai”, BESFORD is back with a new song full ofirony and irreverence.

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BESFORD is an eclectic and courageous electronic music mixerand composer, as well as being anamazing stage performer.

His music, for the most part of adance style, has received important prizes and acknowledgments of all respect from all over the planet.

He had the stubbornness to make himself known internationally, playing some of the most exclusive parties in the world, and for the most influential people on the planet.

Among its strengths, we find that of knowing how to best adapt to the musical situations in which it presents itself, offering a DJ set and a performance that is absolutely unique of its kind.

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