10 Ways to find Spotify playlist curators contacts



Are you an independent artist looking for new playlist curator contacts to promote your music?

Have you researched and understood how important promoting music on Spotify is?

Here are 10 ways to find Spotify playlist curators contact information

  • Search playlists in target with your music genre
  • Extract the contact of curators from social networks
  • Contact the small curators first
  • Use Spotify groups and communities on Facebook
  • Network with other artists and exchange media for playlist insertions
  • Search curators on Reddit
  • Search curators on Linkedin
  • Use the submission Platforms
  • Search for curators on music blogs targeting your genre
  • Look at “Discovered On” Playlists

I understand, looking for contacts can be simple but extremely boring …

Believe me, I understand you perfectly well, we’ve all been through this and it’s no fun finding a playlist that fits your music perfectly, then spend an hour or more looking for the owner of this playlist just to find anything that can help you contact him.

So instead of spending too much time looking for the best curator’s contact information or email address at the beginning of your search, change your strategy, work smarter, and use your time more effectively by starting with these strategies.

What I mean is initially to focus on smaller curator profiles who can give you immediate support.

Search curators or other artists on social media, visit their website, search their bio or playlist description for their direct email contact. Or go to Instagram and do a thorough search by trying to write the hashtag #spotifycurator, maybe many of them provide an email, or you can search the email contacts of record labels that manage multiple playlists and the band name etc.

Anything that gives you a clue that will allow you to contact them easily.

But I want to open your eyes to some realities here.
For starters, if you spend too much time on this aspect of accessing playlists, you will set yourself up for lost time and possible disappointment.

Imagine spending hours looking up someone’s contact information just not to reply or hate your music and tell you how they really feel about it. What will be your motivation to find the next contact and contact him?

It depends on the individual of course.

Instead of this approach to finding random contacts, I suggest you fill your target playlist curator email contact list with your genre and start thinking about how you can strategically approach them.

These people are generally open to requests and used to people cold calling them, so your requests are likely to be heard and eventually approved.

From here you can then take the time to focus on the hardest to find contacts and use some of the strategies listed below.

If you use Reddit, or any other forum, an interesting thing, is that you can start conversations, create threads and sometimes get the replies you are looking for whether it is the contact of a specific playlist or other playlists open for posting.

Spotify also has its own community forum that you can access and participate in.

This is another place you can try to build relationships with people running playlists and replicate the actions mentioned earlier. To learn more about the Spotify community click here.

Some curators will ask you to contact them via paid submission platforms. When making a presentation to curators on the submission platforms, take the time to write a personalized presentation for each curator. Show that you’ve taken the time to look at their playlist and make sure your music fits.

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We hope that these precious informations can be useful for launching your artistic career in music!

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