Spotify Growth Tips (eBook + Contacts + Template)

Spotify Growth Tips (eBook + Contacts + Template)




Would you like to know perfectly how Spotify works, its algorithm, how to increase streams, plays, followers and supports and how to be added to many playlists?

If yes, then read below and find out what you’ll find in this complete and fully updated eBook:

CHAPTER 1: Why is important to be on Spotify?
CHAPTER 2: How to distribute your music on Spotify
CHAPTER 3: How to increase streams and listeners
CHAPTER 4: The various types of Spotify Playlists
CHAPTER 5: How to access to Spotify Playlists
CHAPTER 6: How to activate algorithmic playlists
CHAPTER 7: How to create your playlist and make it grow

BONUS: + 150 Spotify Playlist Curators Contacts
BONUS: + Spotify Playlist Pitching E-mail Template

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