FAQs Kit

How can I use the Music Promotion Kit?

We recommend initially to study 2 or 3 times all the music promotion strategies and growth strategies on Spotify.
Then plan a good strategy for launching your new song and use the promotion examples and templates to send the promo mail to all the contacts that you will find nel kit.
In addition, you can also use all the communities, resources and private Facebook groups to exchange feedback and supports with other artists.

Are the contacts for all musical genres?

Yes they are for all musical genres except for classic or hard rock / metal music.

Are the contacts all real and updated in 2021?

Yes of course, all REAL and UPDATED.

If I purchase the Music Promotion Kit, will I receive all updates and resources in the member area?

Yes, after purchasing the kit you will have access to the secret members area and you will receive all updates for life without having to pay additional prices.

If I send my music to radio, blogs and curators then will I have to pay additional services?

Not in all cases, some offers are by payment, others are music lovers and if they like the song they will support it for free because they perform this activity mainly for passion.

Are the contents only in English?

Mainly yes, but there is also the Italian translation of the Spotify Growth Tips ebook, if we have many requests we will translate the lessons into other languages and add new content later.

Can I resell the kit to other artists and earn an affiliate percentage?

Yes, if you are satisfied with the kit and want to resell it to earn money, contact us here: https://www.semanticsounds.com/contact/ by writing “Affiliation Kit Request” and we will send you the promotional discount code to send the offer to whoever you want.

Will you refund if requested?

No because after purchasing the kit you will have everything available forever and you will download the files directly to your PC.
Being inside the special members area you will receive all the updates.

The investment is minimal and you can reap the long-term benefits.

If you are ready to LEAVE YOUR MARK, you just have to buy it NOW?

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