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Grow Your Fanbase

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After payment send us the links of the Soundcloud/Spotify channels or the Spotify playlists that you want promote via mail: or put the link in the comments of the order.

We remind you that you can send us up to 3 links to promote.

After 1 year we will send you via mail the final report of the statistics of the promotion.

45.00 € *

FANGATE SPOT (6 months)

After payment send us the link of the Soundcloud/Spotify channel or the Spotify playlist that you want promote via mail: or put the link in the comments of the order.

After 6 months we will send you via mail the final report of the statistics of the promotion.

24.99 € *
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Through our automatic "follow for download" system, our network is progressively growing steadily and now we are able to apply the same automatic system to promote the profiles and the artists' playlists on Soundcloud and Spotify in order to increase the fan base and reach thousands of users every day.
Through our subscription service of 6 months or 1 year we will give the opportunity to increase in real, organic and target the followers of the profiles of Soundcloud and Spotify and of the playlists on Spotify through the use of our Fangate.
By subscribing to our Fangate, being all real followers, you will notice a slow but steady growth of your followers on Soundcloud or Spotify.

We will explain in a simple and quick way how we will do our job:
After having purchased our subscription service for 6 months or a year at our Fangate, we will insert the link of your profile or your playlist in all the download gates of our new releases that we will release in free download from the moment you have made the purchase until the day of the expiry of the subscription you have chosen.
In this way every time a user or our fan will download our tracks for free, or our samples packs in free download, it will automatically follow your profile or your playlist that we have inserted in our mud.
The same is true for the subscription service to our fangate for a year, only for this service we offer a great benefit: instead of inserting a single channel or a single playlist we give the possibility to insert as many as 3 your links in our download gate .

Being real promotional campaigns, with followers of all active, real and target we can not give a precise estimate of the number of followers that will arrive on your profiles, will be a slow and well-defined growth, all will depend on the number and success of the tracks or samples packs that we will release in the months when you have chosen to purchase our service.

Some statistical indications:

We generally release 1 track every 2/3 months and 1 free sample pack every 4/5 months.
So hypothetically if you choose the 6 month subscription you could reach 200 to 1000 followers on a single profile or on a playlist that you have chosen to promote through our download gates.
If you choose the annual subscription you could reach from 800 to 2000 followers (or many more) on each profile or playlist you have chosen to promote (and also remember that you have the possibility to add up to 3 profiles or playlists for each annual subscription to our fangate).
Both plans provide a final report of the statistics and the number of followers reached at the end of the subscription period.

ATTENTION PLEASE! We would like to remind you that the purchase of our subscriptions for the growth of followers will only be possible in two months of the year. (We will open the sales only and exclusively in the months of September and March).
So do not miss this great opportunity to increase your followers in real way!