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Repost Service 100k

6.99 *

can be shipped within 1/3 days

Repost Service 300k

17.99 *

can be shipped within 1/3 days

Repost Service 500k

29.00 *

can be shipped within 3/5 days

New Spotify Promotion

4.50 *

can be shipped within 1/3 days
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Semantic Sounds was founded to promote the artists, their image and their music.

Through our network our goal is to help the artists to spread their music to a large audiance.

We guarantee that your songs will be listened and critiqued by our official team and you will receive feedback from professional people to improve your production skills.

We are always available to accompany the artists step by step in their path.

If you aspire to get thousands of views, complete promotions on all social networks and on all major music platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, Youtube and Spotify, or you would like to receive various media and press releases we offer EXTRA PROMOTIONS.