Demo Submission

We are constantly looking for new high quality music to be published from our labels, if you think you have something unique and special extraordinarily please don’t hesitate to send it to us!

We release genres like Dance/House/Funky/Tech/Deep House/Chill & Pop from our label Semantic Sounds and Pop/Urban/Hip Hop/Rap/Trap/R&B & Soul from our labels Urban Red Lights and Arena Records.

We receive a high amount of demo submission every day, but even so we feel duty to listen carefully and if they meet our quality standards we are happy to release and promote them through our media platforms.

There are a few criteria that you have to take into account before submitting your demo:

– Don’t submit mash-ups, promos, remix, edit or bootleg.

– You have to offer your demo exclusively to Semantic Sounds, not to other labels/network.

– Send us a private SoundCloud links (with the download button activated).

Our team will listen carefully and we will contact you if we are interested in releasing your production.

If we haven’t contact you in 7 days, you are free to send your track to other labels/promotional networks.

Probably we are looking for your music

Fill Out The Form and Submit Your Demo

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