How to attract major labels

Today we want to reveal to you a BIG SECRET about the major labels.

All the record labels are real businesses, we sell music, we sell emotions, we sell something that makes people feel good.

But to carry out this wonderful activity we need to do large numbers, many streams, supports, plays, purchases and views.

So we are always looking not only for high quality songs, but also for real artists, who have the desire to work seriously and who do their utmost to always achieve greater results.

If we see an artist who truly believes in his project and his music and does everything to grow, using self-promotion, we will be the first to want to work with him.

The big labels do the same!

The big labels are looking for artists who guarantee large numbers, thousands and millions of views.

And to do this you need to know the business of the music industry and know how to self-promote your music.

Only in this way will you attract the attention of major labels to sign important contracts.

Just in the last few months we have received many requests for Spotify promotions, many artists still don’t know how to promote their music in the best way.

So we created a complete guide to help artists understand how Spotify works, its algorithm for increasing plays, streams and followers and receiving support from many playlists.

Our latest release “Easy To Say” by #BBC in just 6 days reached more than 50,000 organic, real streams and lots of good playlists, also algorithmic from Spotify itself.

We, like all modern labels, are looking for willing artists, who believe in their music and who know how best promote it by knowing the business and using all the available resources.

If you are an artist and you produce music, you must know how the promotion on Spotify works.

All modern major labels are looking for artists who know how to make large numbers, many views and many supports.

Now we absolutely don’t want to reduce everything to a matter of numbers only … but this is the reality, modern algorithms work like this, the more large numbers are made, the more platforms automatically support your tracks.
In this way you will also have more resources and a stable base to carry out your artistic activity.

With our amazing guide “Spotify Growth Tips”, our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, contacts and tools to be able to beat the competition on Spotify and attract more labels by enticing them to release music with them.

Every day all labels are looking for artists and music to invest in and if we (as a label) see that an artist already knows how to promote himself, the rest is easier and the great goals are the consequence of a good teamwork.

So, if you really want to know the world of Spotify, the playlists, how it works and multiply your plays and followers then you just have to download our new complete guide with lots of useful tips at the ridiculous price of € 14.99 📈

If you are ready to LEAVE YOUR MARK buy it now 🔥

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